network simulator


These are the options offered by the Design mode:

Parameter setting, design mode

  • You can use the first options to set the number of ports by default of a hub and a switch, whatever the type of port.
  • You can use the two following options to set the number of interfaces by default of a router.
  • "Switches store and forward", "Spanning tree by default" and "Switch Vlan Level": you can use these three options to set the mode of operation by default of a switch.
  • There is no necessary comment concerning the colors' options.
  • You can use the "Use thick lines" to increase the thickness of the lines that represent both the frames and the packets during the simulations. You will find this option useful if, for instance, you resort to a video-projector in bad light conditions.
  • If you check the "Memorize demo's place"option, each component of the network will store the location of its "mini-demonstrations" (see "windows' position").