network simulator

Location of the windows

Simulations involve the displaying of a certain number of windows (like, for instance, "sending of an Ethernet frame", "sending of a ping", "mini-demonstration", "message", etc.).

By default, each window will be located according to the targeted element. For example, a window used for sending a ping places itself on the transmitting station.

When the "Memorize demo's place" option is checked, you can change the locations related to the various elements.

In the case of a window illustrating the emission of a frame, you just have to move it on the screen (these windows always remember their locations).

In the case of windows related to a node of the network (station, hub, etc…), you have to move a "mini-demonstration" window. The change of the location will then apply to all the windows related to the node.

The windows locations are recorded when the network is. To restore all the locations by default, you have to uncheck the "Memorize demo's place" option.